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    so i went the easy way out and bought a dash from mgmagic and the white dolphin gauges to go along with it.  while i knew i would have to change some wiring/sending units, i am not sure what to do with the speedometer cable.  i currently have black vdo gauges and the new dolphin gauges have a different thread size for the speedometer cable.  anyone else have this problem while upgrading their gauges?


      Nut that attaches to speedometer can be removed by disconnecting speedometer cable at front wheel sliding nut off of cable. Cable Ferrell that came with new gauge should just need to be slid on to VW cable and attached to speedometer and then re install cable at front wheel. If dolphin Ferrell does not fit one can be found at Texas Industrial Electric .com.
      Or a nut that fits the dolphin gauge could be slid onto the cable and tightened  as a Ferrell.
      If your TDr is not a VW powered one nut on cable can be removed with hacksaw and new Ferrell or nut can have a slot cut into the nut so it can be attached over the cable and to speedometer.
      Good luck.



    The Dolphin people might have advice.




    I tried them. No help. I returned the gauges, keeping my black vdo gauges. Only thing I need now are bezel rings for my speedo, tach since the dash holes are larger. Will put pics up when done

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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