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  • I had previously posted pictures of my red TF Victor. I have recently taken delivery of my second one. This one is actually one of the factory built cars. It has suffered some neglect, but is a good start on another beautiful car. I hope to have it finished by next summer, when it will need a new owner.

    It looks pretty sad in the pictures, because…

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  • I got it back together by the first of june but have neglected posting a picture. I have had it on a number of drives. Tons of fon!!

  • The frame on these was built for MGB mechanical components. The frame is 2.5″ x 4″ steel tube with eighth inch thickness. It is very robust. It has an MGB front crossmember welded in. It came fitted with a 1970 engine and overdrive transmission. I have a spare 1971 engine that I am going to put in it for now. Over the next year, I am going to…[Read more]

  • This car came with a Weber carb. I am in the process of fitting dual SUs. A local british car shop has fitted TDs and TFs with MGB engines. They cut the plastic carb spacer blocks down so they are about half of the thickness of stock ones, then fit the”vintage style” thin air filters from Moss.

    That is my current plan.
  • edsnova wrote:
    By the way, who/how did you get your hood louvered?
    The previous owner replaced the fiberglass rear hinged hood with an original steel center hinged hood. It was louvered when he bought it.
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