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Mark Hendrickson


The 2.3L Ford 4 cylinder is a great engine. Dubbed the “Lima” engine, by it plant of design and manufacture in Lima, Ohio, it is still in use, albeit a higher evolution of the original in the 1973 Pinto, today in the Ford Ranger and Mazda pick-ups as the base engine. It was also used in the Thunderbird SC (super coupe) and other Fox Body Mustang applications normally aspirated and turbo-charged. They were also used in the German XR4Ti import.

There are tons of aftermarket components available for this motor and you’ll have no trouble finding OEM style parts. An on-line parts house, like http://www.rockauto.com or http://www.discountautoparts.com stock the OEM style parts for this great little engine.

We have local shop, Modern Performance, that gets over 500 hp at the rear wheels out of these motors using turbo chargers. Racer Walsh in Fl and Esslinger’s in CA have tons of performance stuff for these motors.

One of these Lima motors with a mild cam, headers and set of dual Webers would make a real screamer out of a Pinto based MGTD kit.