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Bill Saurber


Mr Bill, What part of TX are you in?  Let me know what time to call.  I know when I’m in Houston it’s an hour later here than there.  I would have to agree that there is something shady with the ball joints or install job if your spindles are binding with no tie rods hooked up.  Even if your control arms were out of index again you should not get binding from it.  There would have to be a huge amount of pressure either against or in tension of the ball joints to produce binding from the control arms, and I doubt you’d be able to assemble them if there was.  They should be stiffer than the old ones were that were worn out but I can’t imagine that you’d feel any significant amount of stiffness through the steering wheel.  There’s definitely something out of whack.  I’m going to dig through some of my repair info and see what I can find.