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Hey Paul,

Thanks. Yes it is a first class reproduction. In fact, Kenny Allison showed me a letter in 1982 that he had received from the original MG owners assn. stating that this reproduction was the closest of all in every detail to the originals at that time. The am/fm/8track ( yes, 8 track ) actually worked until about 3 years ago when the 8 track finally died. The next upgrade will be the installation of an am/fm/cd/dvd or nav unit that will mount in the glove box and replacement of the old Pioneer speakers with some new Klipsch(sp?) ones instead. The original (1982) Michelin well balanced tires are still holding air & haven’t side cracked hardly at all, and other than some minor mouse chewings on the carpet , the interior is equally flawless. I learned a trick for long-term cold winter storage in a garage , and that is to tear open a large box of Kleenex & leave the Kleenex in the torn box in the floorboard & the mice will nest & eat the Kleenex instead of the upholstery. Adding moth balls around the outside & on the car cover will also deter the pests. Speaking of a car cover, there is a place near Flint,Mi. that custom makes car covers of first class quality right in their own oversized garage factory , and they are not expensive. If anyone needs a cover, let me know & I’ll dig up their phone number.

     Yes, Orlando is about an hour away from Daytona Beach (  my locale) & if you’re ever this way, let me know via email ( ) & I’ll unwrap Maurice for ya..

     Hey, nuf fer now. I talk too much. Happy motoring!!