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Mark Hendrickson


Andre, Neil,

The windscreen on Larry’s car appears to be an OEM MG-TD unit. I’ll bet a the wipers are VW Beetle.

I know for a fact that the British Coach Works replica’s came with all authentic MG-TD hardware, like the windscreen, etc. It’s not a chrome tin cover that is covering the “marine” windscreen used on most of the other kits. It even folds down.

Those are also OEM headlight mounts (fender to grille).

Larry says this car is an Allison Daytona MGTD replica…I’ve never heard of an Allison Daytona kit. However, I’m no expert and I’m sure that there were many manufacturers other than the 3 or 4 main ones we usually discuss here. However, if the car is using an OEM windscreen, it must be very close to original in design.