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Jeff Troy



I have a complete and unbuilt Fiberfab TD kit for VW, and have already cut and rewelded the upper front end beam as shown in the manual. This procedure drops the front end a bit, approximately one inch.

I realize that weight distribution (center of gravity) and incidence and not the same, and I’m guessing that the front end drop (incidence) is suggested to prevent the VW pan from going airborne at highway speeds. However, is making the drop enough of a step to retain decent handling, or should one or more leaves be removed from the tubes as well?

My original owner/builder 1976 Bradley GT has recently crossed the 575 thousand mile mark, and it weighs approximately 1600 pounds. It handles beautifully, but the seating area is a lot farther forward than the MG’s.

Thank you and warmest regards…

Jeff Troy
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