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Mark Hendrickson


Looks great to me. The mechanically advanced “009” is not really the hot set up. VW Trends did a long article on distributors a few years back. I do not remember the exact recommended distributor, but they trashed the “009”. The choice was one with a vacuum advance and I believe it also had a vacuum retard.

My suggestion is to go for the Bruck and add the latest version of a Pertronix Ignitor II and their hotter coil. Those 2  little modifications will pay for themselves in spades. You will not believe the difference over stock. You can even open the spark plug gap up a little too, making for a more efficient fuel burn.

The Bosch “blue” coil has a built in resistor to knock the primary voltage down to about 7 volts. This prevents making a hotter spark. It is meant to keep the points from burning up. With the Pertronix Ignitor, there is no need for the primary voltage drop to the coil. You can run 12 volts right to the + side of the Pertronix coil and make BIG spark voltage.

All of this will work fine on a stock motor with a stock carb set up or a warmed up motor. The warning about the vacuum advance in the Bruck directions is really saying you’d have to provide the correct type vacuum source for a Progressive 2 bbl or dual carbs, that it’s not a direct bolt up as it is for the PICT 30 series OEM 1 bbl.