End of New Jersey Replicar Club

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Dale Schumacher


Very sorry to hear

I always wished I belonged to such a club or had one around here,but no such thing. To bad people don’t realize it till it’s gone.

I joined a local car club – mostly all US muscle cars – they put up w/ me coming, but I think they wish it was a ” real car”. My only saving grace is the many US hot rods now made of fiberglass that come to the shows – not a lot they can say about me now. It even states in the club heading ( American Cars ), but are allowing others as well. I think the more different types the better – get tired of looking at just a bunch of Corvettes etc. Still it’s lots of fun and I am hanging w/ car guys and gals.

It is funny to see all the girls walking right by their Corvettes etc. to look at my car – makes me laugh a bit