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Mark Hendrickson


The problem you are experiencing is the BACKSPACE is WRONG…way too little! 

I have a set of those 13″ chrome “basket” wire rims. I removed them. They were on the car when I bought it. They stuck out to far too (to little backspace). They weren’t event the right bolt pattern either! They were Chevy Vega bolt pattern, 4 x 4.25″. That converts to 4 x 102.??mm. Even though they will bolt up, being only +2mm off, they were NOT RIGHT!

There are several factors to consider when mounting wheels. Backspace and offset affect handling and safety as well as fit.

I’m sure you know that just because a wheel is 4 lug, it doesn’t mean you can mount any 4 lug wheel to any car with a 4 lug pattern. I suspect because the Scion and most other foreign cars are FWD, their wheels have a large backspace. RWD cars usually do not have as much backspace as FWD. 

Wheels can also be lug centric or hub centric.

The Chevette, the first all metric American produced car, has a 4 x 100mm bolt pattern and uses a 12mm stud.

If you look in this website’s Photo Gallery at the “Pink MG”, I mounted a set of US Wheel, series 97, Modular, 14″ x 6″ wheels. I used a P185/70R-14 HTR T4 Sumitomo tire. These wheels have the correct backspace and other measurements to make them fit properly. They do not rub anywhere and are just under the fenders, not sticking out at all.

If you are going to use a  4 x 100mm x 14″ wheel, be sure the backspace is close to or exactly the same as the stock Chevette wheel was. As I said, the US Wheel was less than .125″ difference.

Pink MG39524.5698958333