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Mark Hendrickson


The oil cooler on an air cooled VW Type I engine is in the same place on all of the displacement sizes, 1200-1600 cc.

The only other solution is an aftermarket remote oil cooler. This would require at least threading the block where the oil cooler mounts with two NPT pipe thread holes. You then should use a pair of fabricated braided stainless steel -6AN lines to go from the engine to the cooler and return. Then you need to mount the remote oil cooler where it gets air ALL THE TIME, probably requiring an electric fan.

It is not the oil cooler location that causes the problem, it is that the cooler was clogged, probably form a lack of changing the oil. Low flow equals high heat in that area of the engine. #3 is always the one that goes first too.

You are headed for a rebuild anyway, buy a new OEM style oil cooler when you re-assemble the engine.┬áKeep the oil changed (I used 20w-50 synthetic racing oil). Racing oil still has the scuff package required for flat tappet cams. Oil available today (SFI “SM”) has no scuff package due to EPA regulations. Racing oil will state “off road uses only” and will not be rated SFI “SM”.