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Keith True


Did the whole engine overheat? Or,did you lose #3 and were told that was common from lack of cool air to that jug?That one would go first,but only towards the end of its life.Thousands of people ran those engines thousands of miles with no problem.I think I would dig a little deeper if it got hot.At the very least,collapsed rings,maybe scored or galled walls,if the head is off you might as well take a good look.Jugs and piston kits are not that much.I don”t know if the 1600 oil cooler setup would fit easily or not.You would need all the sheet metal,and it would have to be fron a 1600 single port,but I don”t even know if the cooler is offset on the 1600 single port,like it is on the dual port.I would fix it and run it.There are aftermarket cooler setups too.Ask on the Samba website.Those guys have done everything you could think up on VW engines.You should also pick up the Bently manuel,don”t even bother with a Haynes or any of the newer chilton or clymers.