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Mark Hendrickson



I posted a long one about how to do this job properly. If you have a garage and want the best results, do it properly.

If your front beam/s have already been cut the way the lame kit directions tell you…IT’S WRONG. All that does is correct the ride height/fender to tire clearance. IT DOES NOT MAKE THE SUSPENSION SOFTER OR CORRECT THE TORSION LEAVES RATE. THE CAR WILL RIDE LIKE A BRICK AND THE HANDLING IS ACTUALLY DANGEROUS.

Buy a new bare beam with the ride height adjusters installed. Paint it and then swap in all of the parts from your “old” beam. However, leave out all of the “secondary” leaves (half width) in both beams. Leave in only the 4 Main (wide) leaves.

Then set the ride height adusters for proper ground (chassis level) and tire/fender clearance. Your car will now be suspended properly and be fun and safe to drive. The whole job took me a Saturday on a level concrete slab next to my garage. You will not believe the difference. It’s the difference between a rigid frame Harley-Davidson and a Honda Goldwing…really!

Another tip…use the cheapest oil filled (not gas charged) shocks you can get from JC Whitney. It will ride like a dream.

I also removed the torsion bars from the IRS rear suspension and turned .100″ off them, making them softer too. Just the front end work will make 85% of the difference though.