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Ed Summers


Hi Keith, My car rides stiff but no more than I would expect a sports car to ride. The Frame welds look good (To my layman eyes). I have several minor issues. I am only 5’8″ tall and I was cramped in the drivers seat with my knees in my chest. I was able to move the back of the bench seat to the rear by about 6 inches much more comfortable. I also lowered the seats about 3″ which added to the comfort and more in proportion with the pictures I have seen. My head doesn’t rub the top when I have it up and my head is no longer 2″ above the windshield. I have checked the builders manual and it appears the fellow who built it did the build by the book.

Another issue is that all of the Chevette motorĀ  access (Oil, Water, Transmission) are on the passenger side. The hood opens from the driver side. On my car the latch and hinges have been moved multiple times so there is not a way to change the opening without extensive work on the panels and hood. SO I installed boat door hinges that allow the hood to be removed quickly and witout tools.

With all I have said……….. I love the car.