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Mark Hendrickson


Congratulations on the start of your build.

The frame of your TD is made from mild steel and is designed to accept the Chevette/Pontiac T-1000 suspension components, drive train and accept the TD replica body. Chevette/Pontiac T-1000 did not have frames, they were unibody.

How far along did you ever get on this project? Are you sure it’s a CMC (FiberFab) kit? What was the donor car? mileage? condition? Has the donor been stripped already?

I ask because although these kits were designed to use as much of the donor car as possible, the parts are all USED and 25-30 years old! Some of those parts are better to not reuse and go a different route. For example the wiring harness and fuel tank. This is my opinion, but avoids many future headaches.

How “detailed” you want to build the car is your choice. Things like prepping the parts (glass bead/paint or powder coat, etc.) all make a difference. But the important thing is taking your time. It will pay off in the end. Build it once.

There are a couple guys that post here regularly, besides me , that recently completed or recently refurbished Chevette based TD’s. I’m sure they’ll chime in when you start to ask questions. You can ask me anything by accessing my home e-mail: I’m sure that all the TD crew here will be glad to help you out too. Read some of their past posts for some great tips.

There is a Chevette parts guy named Rick Drake in Evergreen, Washington. 1-800-247-2954 was the last telephone number I reached him at. I’ve gotten a lot of Chevette stuff from him. Try this site for Chevette data: Rick Drake posts there all the time too.

Send some pics to us and be sure to take lots of them to document your build. I’ve actually sent pictures of stuff I needed to Rick Drake to get the right parts. Ain’t technology grand




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