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Jeff Troy


Thanks, Keith and Schu,

Thanks for the response, buds.

The kit is new and unbuilt, and I’m just starting to assemble the Fiberfab parts after completely prepping all the VW components.

Per the manual, I’ve already cut and welded the shortened neck on the tank, so that isn’t an issue. The problem is that the tank liner will not seat to the body unless I either relieve the body step beneath the liner or take a little glass away from the bottom of the liner. It’s almost as if the inner section of the body was glassed inside the outer body a bit too high.

I think that I will place the tank inside the liner to see if I can remove some of the bottom without consequence. If not, I’ll just cut away a small portion of the body step underneath.

I kinda figured that the fuse block went inside the car because the manual shows a dotted line instead of solid. I just know how inconvenient the block is in my Bradley, and I am hoping for easier access in the TD. Having doors on the TD will help, as the gullwing design of the Bradley requires me to lay down — feet up and over the T-top — whenever I have to get under the dash.

Thanks again, guys. Your help is appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Jeff Troy
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