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Keith True


Mirrors you can get from MG Magic in Florida.Look around this site and you can find a bunch of posts where the phone # is given.No website though.On powdercoating,It may look pretty and all that,but I have had a lot of experience with it and not all of it good.Once there is a chip water tends to creep under and travel like a spider lifting the coating.A good 2K primer and any single stage urethane will look as good and seems to hold tighter.I have some snowplow lights that were powdercoated with the proper primer and all that.They are solid,but the black has turned a milky grey from the sun.I have made a lot of money sandblasting parts that were powdercoated and then gave trouble in a few years.It IS pretty,and if a car is garaged and taken care of it will probably last a long time on the parts you need to do.It is also cheaper than prepping and painting small parts.Years ago I had lots of it done and now I am finding out it is not the great answer it was touted to be.I had maybe a dozen or so Harley frames done over the years and now the owners are looking to get them painted.