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Mark Hendrickson


There are at least two kit car magazines that I know of. New Jersey Replicar Club has had Jim Youngs, the editor of Kit Car Builder and “President” of the National Kit Car Club, as guest speaker twice at our Saturday night dinner during the Carlisle Import-Kit/Replicar Nationals held every May at the Carlisle Fairgrounds, Carlisle, PA.

I’ll probably be writing to him first. I think a one or two part article on the history of all the brands of MGTD kits to include VW, Ford, Chevette and even the new Miata based MGTF “pallet car” variant from New Zealand.

I’ll try to get a point of contact for the other magazine too.

I am quite busy at work and on the home front, but it is something that I would definitely pursue in the near future.

Unlike the Cobra and Porsche Speedster kits, the MGTD kit is no longer produced and has not been for some time. However, I feel, along with the Gazelle, it is probably the most prolific kit that preceeded the Cobra onslaught. They are what made the kit car market viable for all the stuff that is made today.