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B Harrington


Quick Answer

1)Daytona Automotive Fiberglass produced the first US MG Kit sometime in the early 70’s. Calling it the Daytona MiGi. Laverne Martenic had a copyright on the car. They had there own emblem for the grill. It was not the original MG False Nose Emblem.

2)Fiberfab started to produce the Fiberfab MIGI a little later and sold far more than Daytona. They also had their own grill emblem. However, way back in late 70’s and early eighty’s they offered a real MG TD nose emblem as an option. The Fiberfab MIGI was sold out of a bank building in MN and the parts were sub contracted out to a number of different sources. Most being made or shipped out of PA and some out of CA.

3)CMC started to prototype its own MG replica in 1981. They purchased a Fiberfab kit as a starting point and developed the VW,For and Chev TD. The emblem they produced for the kit was a chrome metal stick on emblem with TD in red. Before they had finished they got into talks with Valle at Fiberfab who knew that the MG replica market had reached its saturation point. They sold the company all FF and CMC cars were the same from that point forward. They offered two MG original style Octagon Nose Medallions as options. Black and white or ecru and gold and beige. They originally kept the FF sales office in MN but moved it to Boca Raton in the late 1980’s or early 1990. All Fiberfab products were shipped from Miami from 1983 on.

As a rough guess out of every 100 TD replica kits manufactured:

75% = FF MIGI

15% = Daytona MiGi – Includes London Roadster

15% = CMC/FF TD 8% VW, 4% Ford TD, 3% CHEV TD

5% = Other

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