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Michael Pullen


Mr. Pink MG,


Sorry to bother you again, but I’m hoping you’ll indulge me just one more question.  I’ve been on the phone to Mid America Motorworks concerning their adjustable front beam.  They tell me that it only will adjust downward (lowering being the usual goal).  Since I’m trying to maintain something close to a stock height in front, I’m not seeing any benefit for this particular adjustable beam in my case.  I could drop perhaps  1 1/2″ in front, which my seat of the pants reckoning tells me is about what will happen when I remove the leaves.  That would be o-k. In no case will dropping further be what I’m after. Are you aware of a beam which has a range of adjustment which extendsd UP as well as Down? l would install one to avoid having to mess around with the leaves once the job is done.

Thanks again for your help.