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Mike Schumacher


I have just finished removing all but 4 large leaves from upper and lower torsion tubes. I was able to do it from 1 side, (driver???s because of how it sits in garage) and without removing the hub. You will need a platform to rest the hub on, and to disconnect the shock at the bottom. I also disconnected the upper trailing arm from the hub to pull it out but the lower arm came out while still attached. Mine had the expected 4 large leaves and 6 small in the bottom tube but 4 large 2 small and 2 as wide as large but not as thick, seemed to occupy the same volume. In the there is a reference in the kit car forum to welding pieces of the removed leaves at the ends and center so the grub screws fit into the same volume. I didn???t and hope/think it doesn???t matter. If possible pull out the excess leaves while disturbing the 4 large as little as possible. Reinserting them was more difficult than expected. A very important learning experience to pass on is: don???t start pulling leaves with the center grub screw out because the collar it goes into is not fixed in place. I had to wiggle it back and replace screw but it must be loose as well as the grub screw on the opposite side to pull leaves out. I may have disturbed my camber as I noticed score lines that don???t line up anymore but that???s another day. Hope this helps. Didn’t take any useful pictures. If you don’t have a large metric hex key set now’s the time to get one.