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edward ericson


Kent: I have old oil-filled shocks on the front. On the back I wanted a very little bit of lift so put on the KYB gas adjust shocks.

As you may know, coil-overs and gas adjusts are both supposed to be a no-no on our light cars, as they supposedly make the ride too firm. That’s the word.
Schu runs coils and swears they are comfortable (though he is also the inventor of a seat fix involving softer “springs” where once was just plywood, so . . .).
I’ve been well-pleased with the KYBs on my car. The ride is firm but smooth over the road and predictable at the limit, and I hope to keep the same rig after the Soob goes in it (fingers crossed).
The gas-adjusts will lift the rear just a tad–maybe half an inch or three quarters.
The coils will let you raise it anywhere from (help me out here, guys) maybe an inch, inch-and-a-half to like two or two-and-a-half.
With the gas-adjusts I am sure I am paying some price in ride roughness. I’m a few years younger than most of you guys and a few pounds lighter too, so take that into consideration. Every year I notice I become less tolerant of things like air mattresses, unpadded seats, and teenagers on my lawn.
If mine’s ride height were right I would stay with the GR2s. And if I were 20 years older I might opt for something even softer–stock oil-filled.