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edward ericson


Pretty sure, yes. Probably best to take the bumpers off–I think the brackets bolt where the beam bolts. 

I am told the a 2-inch narrowed beam can usually be used without modification to the steering linkage. Usually. But you might need a few new threads cut in the tie rod. 
There are narrower sway bars for sale–but they are all thicker than stock, I believe. Better to go without a bar than increase understeer that much with a thicker bar on a narrowed beam.
Please post your step-by-step on the install. I’ve often regretted not going with my gut on the 2-inch narrowed beam a few years back. Bought a new stock-width adjustable beam and it’s fine, but the tires are right at the edge of the fenders–they’d be oh-so-much better tucked in an inch on each side.