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edward ericson


Wow, Chuck, interesting! I’ve not even driven Bridget enough to know if she rides too hard; right now I’m just doing what Pink advises–he makes a good case–but I’ll be very interested to hear how your deal works out.

I’m hoping this torsion beam job won’t take me the rest of my life, but
pretty sure it won’t. I’m also at a stage in my life when I’m less
tolerant of hard riding automobiles. My fiancee, meanwhile, is terrified of any
vehicle not equipped with airbags.

For point of comparison, my first car was a ’67 Nova SS, and I modded the suspension to within an inch of its life (sway bars, urethane bushings, cut down coils, disc brakes, eccentric cam “lock out” kit, etc. etc.). The ride ended up hard and totally unsafe–though arguably not quite as unsafe as a stock ’67 Nova!