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Michael Pullen


I haven’t driven my car yet since it’s still in the building phase, as you all know, but I imagine this suspension stuff will come into play as soon as I do.  I’m getting ready to do a brake job on my wife’s car, and I might take the new parts off Merlin’s back axle and put them on her car, making room for rear disc brakes (have ’em on the front) Here’s my question—

I don’t want to substantially lower the front end of my car for two reasons; I like how it looks and I have a sump in the rear and air scoops built into the rear fenders and want to maintain adequate ground clearance. I’ve added some weight to the front (about 75 lbs.) and it sits about level.  If I start taking out leaves, at what point might I expect to start dropping the front end?  Would it make sense to get an adjustable beam and establish the front height through adjustment rather than by the stiffness of the suspension, which I could then lighten without dropping the front end. Could I solve the weight transfer problem by just adding more weight and leave the beam alone? If so, anybody out there have a figure in mind? Of course, if the car is as heavy as a VW, it’ll probably accelerate like a VW, which would take some of the fun out of it.

Thanks for your help.  I’m sure I will benefit from the experience of those who’ve faced the same problems, and maybe for once I won’t re-invent the wheel.

Michael, the Merlin guy