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Roy, I’d seen and participated in that topic, so there were no surprises there…

But, there seems to be a “mixed-bag” when it comes to shock lengths… as the replies here and there  indicate.  Some run stock length shocks, some run shorter ones.  I think the “answer” may depend on the lowering method used.

Since mine was lowered by rotating the lower beam, IMO that will have essentially shortened the available travel – no way around that.  The distance between the lower arm and the upper arm with no load has been shortened.  (The front end was preloaded to establish the location of the lower beam, before welding back up.)  So, to avoid bottoming out, and let the suspension (though perhaps too stiff due to lowering method) still work, I think I should go to the shorter length.  
If an alternate lowering method was used, that didn’t change this relationship of lower to upper arm, then I think stock length may be fine.   Then again, a lot of folks use dropped spindles on the front of  VW Beetles which doesn’t change the torsion arms, leaves, or their relationship in any way — yet they still recommend the use of shorter shocks…

I think I need shorter shocks and was hoping to confirm this understanding or get any misunderstanding corrected…

KentT2013-05-30 16:24:18

Early FF TDr on 69 VW pan
Slowly coming back from the ashes...