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I use racing seat belts in my rear engine BCW. The 3″ wide lap

belt is bolted to the tunnel on the inside and to the reinforced

corner of the floor pan (near the rear torsion bar) on the

outside. They have worked very well for me in these mounting

positions and are comfortable.

You don’t want to skip using a shoulder restraint —- you and

your passenger WILL regret it. A friend of mine wrecked her TD

replicar. It was a small front end collision but because she

didn’t have a shoulder harness she hit the steering wheel and

caused serious damage to her face and throat.

I have a 2″ racing shoulder harness with my belt. It has two

straps (one for each shoulder) and they connect to the lap belt

at the clasp. I connected it to a steel frame that I made that sits

in front of the engine, underneath the body and roof. The frame

connects to BCW’s subframe.

The lap and shoulder belts work very well for me. They make

driving the car more enjoyable because I don’t move around at

all. The only disadvantage (a small price to pay) is that the

racing seat belts take longer to put on than a standard car


I would be happy to provide more information if anyone would

like it.