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Mark Hendrickson


Bummer…First do what Keith said to do.

If that doesn’t fix it, to find what is binding, start at steering column. Disconnect it at the rag joint. Then turn the steering wheel. If it is “normal”, then you’ve eliminated that a the problem.

With the front wheels off the ground, still leaving the column disconnected, turn the front wheels full-lock to full-lock. If it is still way too stiff, then start by disconnecting the pitman arm from the center link. Turn the wheels again. If it’s “normal”, then the steering box is the problem. If it’s still stiff, then the steering box is probably not the problem.

Next, still leaving everything disconnected that you have already disconnected, remove one side outer tie rod. Turn that wheel lock to lock. If is is stiff then you’ve got a ball joint problem in at least that wheel.

Go to the side you didn’t remove a tie rod from and turn that wheel lock to lock.

I think you get the idea. Starting at the steering wheel, you are going step by step in the reverse order of movement of each steering component.

Let us know how you make out.