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Paul Mossberg


Hi Paul,

Not sure what you’re looking for. But some thoughts on stock VW vs “oversize”…

The stock VW tire is a 165 R 15. But I’ve seen many VW replicas with wider than stock tires and wheels. take a look through the galleries and cars on this site, and you’ll see lotsof variety. I don’t have personal experience with non-stock sizes on my Duchess, but like any car, if you do plan to go larger than stock, pay special attention to tire/fender clearance.

On a VW based Duchess, the stock VW tires clear all the fiberglass, at full steering lock and at full suspension compression. The latter is important, because of the mirror bolt coming through the fender and the wiring for the turn signals right above the front tires.

In my home state (NJ) they also have issues with tires extending beyond the fender line. But fenderless street rods are ok..go figure. Anyway, on a Duchess, nothing much wider than the 165 R 15 will stay within the fenderwells. So be sur eto check your local regs.

On to stock VW tires….original TDs had 15 inch wheels, I think about 4″ wide. The stock VW Rim is also a 15 inch wheel, and about 5.5 inches wide. Preferring as stock a look as possible, I stayed with 165 R 15 tires (the stock VW Type 1)

These are rather tough to find. I bought my latest set from But I just did a search there and they have nothing in stock.

Most of the VW performance part vendors sell tires. For example California Pacific JBugs sells tires. They mention it on their web site But you have to call them for tires 800-231-1784.


Paul Mossberg
Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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