Won’t go into Reverse

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   The “reverse lock-out ” works fine, but I still couldn’t get the car in reverse. I took the whole gear shifter apart, felt around in the gear oil as Rich suggested. Apart from some “gack” I found no irregularities. I even widened the hole in the fiberglass under the shift boot just in case it wasn’t allowing enough clearance. I took the car to AAMCO but because this tranny has all linkages internal they could only diagnose the problem by dropping the tranny and inspecting it for a Starting Fee of $375. So I decided I’d just deal with the problem of crafty parking for a while and try to save up for a while.

    My driveway has a good pitch to it so if I “Flintstone’s” it out a couple of steps it just rolls right out and it’s good to go forward.

Today I thought Hmmm… I never tried to engage the reverse as it rolls backward, so I tried it. Holy Mackerel! It went right into reverse and it’s like the problem never existed! I can’t believe it, this has been such a bother and it was such an easy silly fix.

   Both this Forum and the Pinto Forums have been great help. Thanks everyone for the tips and advice.