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    Just for grins and giggles, I am wanting to bypass the “start” function on the key and wire in a starter button instead. I have looked on YouTube and seen several different ways of doing it; going straight from the battery, through a switch then to the starter motor; going from the solenoid HOT side, through a switch to the battery; going from the solenoid COLD side to the battery to ground, or one person said, “Bypass the ignition key, and put in the switch(he NEVER said HOW to “bypass the key”).

    I looked in my How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive book, and the author John Muir mentions it, also saying, “Just bypass it altogether”, but, again doesn’t say HOW.

    It seems very straight forward if you know how. I just don’t know HOW!!

    Any ideas?


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    Steve. I have a starter button that is used when doing maintenance on the car. I got it at AutoZone or O’Reilleys or one o them parts stores. Anyway; it just clips to the battery and the starter solenoid. Then press and hold the button till the engine starts. But But you still have to have the key on to provide power to the ignition system. Perhaps you could rig something like that.

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    I used a marine grade, normally open, push button switch wired in series with the keyed ignition switch. The marine switch has 15 amp rated contacts so heat and high amperage switching is not an issue. Reason for wiring push button in series with ignition switch is so I can turn the engine off. Wiring diagrams in tech section will show schematics

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    But if you really want to be super cool, you can buy a pull to start switch just like on the original TD’s.  Many sources.




    Here’s what I have. A pull switch to provide the twelve volts and a starter button to energize the starter.


    starter button


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    I just tapped into the red and purple wires at the Chevette ignition switch and ran

    them to a heavy duty momentary contact switch I mounted in the dash.




    Hey Everybody!

    I was wondering the same thing…My wife recently bought a new car and she doesn’t even need a key in the ignition! All she has to have is the key fob and push a button when she’s in the car! Then to stop the car, she just pushes a button. It’s pretty cool! If you don’t have the key fob, the car won’t start…I was wondering if it was possible for our cars!

    I’m still working on the Nerf Missile launcher out the front grill!!!

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