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And the final picture is one showing the new white wall radials installed including the spare.  I have had her at 83+mph and it still drives like a dream with these radials.  I got the tires from Coker Tires in TN…kinda expensive, but the car now turns heads everywhere it goes (I was told the tires were one of the reasons the Ad Agency wanted the car for the TV commercials)…too funny. 

(Notice the L.E.D. stop/turn lights I installed.  It still looks quite original even with these added for safety purposes).

When the engine is cold, the 4 cylinder chevy engine makes a very distinctive rumbling backfire noise when downshifting to a lower gear, which reminds me of the original TD’s.  (I had a real ’52 TD and couldn’t go around the block with out my tool kit with me…always something needed tinkering with to get home…what a pain.) 

Thus the reason why I love this BCW…you can drive her anywhere with full confidence…even when I let her sit for months at a time in the garage under her cover…she just starts right up and goes!