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Paul Mossberg


Dale and I added a touch of British elegance to the Speedster gathering.


My Friday drive was rain for 175 miles and took almost an hour longer than my usual. But…my Classic Roadsters Duchess kept me warm and dry the entire trip. Even the trunk was dry. It’s just not as much fun driving around with the top up and curtains but being warm and dry helped.


By the way, that Duchess turned 25 this spring. I built the car in 1982, but finished it in December. So I did not register it until Spring 1983.


Saturday was not bad. Sunny and about 60 in the morning, clouds gathered during the afternoon and the wind picked up. But the rain held off until during dinner. Show field was full, Lots of Saabs, Volvos and Audis. All of those clubs get really excellent support and attendance from their membership. About 25 Speedsters, a dozen or so Cobras, a half dozen beautiful dune buggies…really nicely done.


And of course, two red MG TD replicas.


Chatted with a few people that were interested in TD kits and directed all to the tdreplica.com site.


Flea market was the usual.


The Speedster guys are starting to creep into the very low end of the Cobra market. I know some of these guys have $30 grand and more in their Speedsters. That just seems unbelievable to me for a VW based kit. Not today’s Cobra territory, but you used to be able to put a decent Cobra on the street for $30 to $40 g. Now that’s Speedster money?


The Speedster on-line group dinner was at a nice Italian place, “Rillos”, 60 Pine Street in Carlisle. Sixty-one people! We had a six entree buffet. Food was excellent. I recommend it if you are in Carlisle for a show.


I did not go back to the show on Sunday. I was having brake problems and wanted an early start in case I had trouble getting home. An early start also helped me avoid the rain. I left the top up just in case, but no curtains for the drive home. Some light rain for the first 30 miles or so, then a clear run all the way home.


Now I have to figure out what’s wrong with the car. The brake pedal is firm, but I just don’t have a lot of stopping power. Feels like the fronts are doing all the work. And when I release the pedal, it feels like the brakes release slowly, the pads don’t immediately pull back from the drums. And there is a noise from the front left when I apply the brakes at relatively low speeds. I’m not so good at brake work. So it may end up with a mechanic.

Paul Mossberg
Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to https://tdreplica.com/forums/topic/mg-td-replica-registry/ and register (you need to copy and paste the link)