2008 Carlisle Import/Kit car/Replica Show

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Mark Hendrickson


Glad you guys had a good time…even if it was enduring the Speedster snobs. Hey…those cars are VW’s…not Porsches!!!

Even real TD’s (and every other British sports car) leaked like sieves, so I guess our TD’s are special if they don’t leak.

I think the show was 17 or 18 years old the last time I attended and it had rained every year except 2. The show vendors and clubs, including the New Jersey Replicar Club, petitioned Carlisle Productions to switch to a Fall date, but that never happened. The kit car companies have a huge show at Knots Berry Farm in CA about 2 weeks previous to Carlisle and they were supporting a date revision too. I believe the kit car magazines even posted editorials about it too. All to no avail though.

I got tired of the rapacious local motels and eateries. A non-show weekend $50 room became a show weekend $150 room. I guess that’s the main income for these people, so they take adavantage of it…literally! To add to the congestion, Dickinson College graduates the same weekend.

Glad you guys got to meet up though.