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When I was a sprout, the real MGTD’s were brand new models. My mother thought they were the neatest car she ever saw. My Dad was 6’8″/300lbs. and was not about to buy something that he couldn’t fit in too. I felt bad that she couldn’t get one. I’m sure that lack of finances were the real reason.

So when I had one of those “serious” talks most of us always had with Mom, I would always ask her, “Mommy, when I grow up I’m going to buy you any car you want. What do you want me to buy you?” She would answer, “You can buy me a pink MG.”

I got my first MGTD kit in 1999. It had an NJ personal plate that read “PINKMG”. Mom did get a short ride in it before she passed away in 2001 at 87 years old. During the ride she asked when I was going to paint it pink for her!