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Mark Hendrickson


I hate to be a spoil sport or stick in the mud, but I’m thinking that to reproduce the car in cloisonne on our badge would be too hard. It would never be as detailed as the drawing. So here goes my idea:

A “sprocket” edged badge like the current drawing in chrome or polished is the background.” in black letters in the current position (9 to 3 o’clock) with “Worldwide” or “USA” centered at 6 o’clock in black letters both on the chrome or polished back ground. Is the WORLDWIDE” or “USA” is something we need to have a pole on?

In the center Octogon, a white background and the letters “MGTD” or “TD” in RED.

I am only suggesting this because I don’t think the car will be able to reproduce well in cloisonne. If we stick to just lettering, the badges will look nice and no one will have to look at a mutant car in the middle of the badge.