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Thanks Pink!  I’m going to fabricate something and put a real spare on the rear.  MG Magic has a bracket kit & cover but I’ve haven’t gotten his mail brochure yet to see how much it is. 

We got our Fiberfab MiGi yesterday afternoon and must have driven it for four hours.  I hated to go home. I have never been so enthralled by a vehicle before, even though I am a motorhead.  I’m also excited that I’ve found this site!  Great bunch of guys!

I stopped at Autozone last night and my wife & I went in to get a car cover.  When we went to the counter all the guys were standing there asking me about the car.  Before I knew it they were all out in the parking lot looking it with customers in the store.  I took my nephew a ride and he said it was wired how everyone kept staring at us….

I’m 53 but I feel like a kid…