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Mark Hendrickson


Hi Schu…I think I understand your description. I have a couple of questions..

1) Was your front beam cut and turned before you did the torsion leaf removal? If it was, you’ll need to get another uncut one, preferably an adjustable unit.

2) Are you sure you got the center grubs back in the correct “sweet” spot? This is the grub that locks the leaves so that they will twist.

3) Did you leave everything on the side that you did not take apart when you did the job?

4) Measure the chassis to the ground to see if the car is sitting level. When I did mine, I found it was the fenders were not hung evenly, even though they looked like they were. Because one tire was higher in the fenderewell, it looked like the car was sitting lower on that side…It wasn’t. This is probably your problem. The bodies on these cars are not exactly straight.

The best ride is acheived by leaving just the 4 main leaves and adjusting the ride height (chassis pan to ground). You can fix a magnetic level to the bottom of the floor pan. I had mine set 3 degrees from level (lower in front). The torsion leaves will settle with use and probably require future ride height checks until they stop settling.

Modifying the front suspension correctly in this manner will afford much safer handling and ride characteristics. Cutting and turning the tube is a no-no. It was a quick fix used to sell the kits.