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Mark Hendrickson


Oh…you said, “my 2.3 v4” 

What mods does the engine have? What clutch/trans is behind it? Did you dyno the engine? 

I live a mile from one of the most well known Lima engine performance shops in the country, Modern Performance. They’ve done some machine work for me. They specialize in turbo charging Lima engines and mostly the Merkur XR4Ti vehicle. The weak links are the clutch, transmission and rear. Most of their high HP stuff requires changing to a tweaked AOD-E, T-5 or Tremec TKO500 as well as aftermarket flywheels and clutch set-ups. They also change the rears over to some variant of an 8.8″ Ford.

Esslinger’s in CA and Racer Walsh in FL are the two premier Lima oval track and road course suppliers for the Lima. A complete Esslinger’s Midget motor is in the $15,000 range and run on methanol.

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