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Mark Hendrickson


Ringo…are you volunteering?

You’re right…each company’s kit had their own nuances. I can spot the Classic Motor Carriages (CMC)/FiberFab cars by the split under the front grille…Brititsh Coach Works (BCW) cars had authentic MG-TD hardware (windshield frame, door hinges, handles, etc.), not sure about too many others. BCW molds were made from a real TD that was disassembled as the┬álegend goes.

I think that CMC/Fiberfab and BCW were the only Chevette based kits…but don’t take that to the bank.

I think CMC/FiberFab had the only Ford (Pinto/Mustang II) based kit too. Key words…I think.

Paul Mossberg would know if Classic Roadsters Ltd offered front engine kits. I’m not sure about that.

I know just about every company that made these TD replicas offered a VW based kit or turn-key car.

I know of only one kit, an MG-TF variant being offered today (if it still is?). It’s from New Zealand and is Mazda Miata based. It’s a nice piece too. It comes as a “pallet” car, nearly assembled. You just need a Miata donor. It’s pricey, in 2002 it was $17,000, probably more now with the devalued dollar.

It’s a shame that more historic documentation isn’t available for the TD replica cars. I’ll bet a forum member or two know most of the information as fact, not “as I heard”, like most of my TD manufacturer knowledge is.