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Dale Schumacher



Don’t know London Roadster kit’s, but more than likely it has the std VW torsion tube ( 2 tubes ) front end. Check some of the forums here and find the one that discribes how to remove the small torsion bars from the upper and lower tubes. It takes maybe 4 hours w/ some sweat and a bit of yelling, but you can do it. I did it myself and helps make the ride less harsh. Also look at your front shocks – use the low price std shocks for the VW – your ride is lighter then a VW and you need mild shocks ( check JC whitney or the like ) don’t buy the gas ones – just the cheap standard units. Also grease the front end – could be very dry – do this after you remove the small torsion bars from the tubes,.

Were are you located?

Good luck – let us know how it goes,