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Mark Hendrickson


I’m sure your mechanic knows that these cars are as good as they are built, mechanically, electrically and body. After that, like any car, they are as good as they are maintained.

A lot of people buy these cars and expect to drive them like a decent used “factory” car (Honda, Chevy, Ford, etc.). Big mistake…they take a lot of TLC and tweaking. The donor cars were not designed to be TD Replicas. It helps to have at least an basic “old school” knowledge of the automobile to keep them from becoming an annoying money pit.

I wish you luck looking for a BCW TD replica. Keep in mind that even if you find one that is “turn-key”, it was probably built at least 15-25 years ago. Mine was very well built, but was severely neglected for the 6 years it was titled. That’s why it’s all apart now.

My BCW TD was partially built for 10 years before a new owner bought, finished, titled and sold it in 1998. It was driven for a year after completion (less than 2,000 miles) and then neglected for the next 5 years by that owner. So, it was 18 years old when I got it in 2004.

Keep us posted and let us know what you do.