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I’m undecided between the KYB GR2s and the stiffer Gas-Adjust for the rear.  I’ll try to do some more digging…

Most of the Samba info is for either heavier, full-bodied stock or even-lighter Manx-type dune buggies with a slightly different seating position (and potential off-road use).  
I’m trying for a balance of decent/predictable road handling and acceptable ride quality…
Similarly, the same quandary exists for sway-bars.  I put a stiffer sway-bar on the front of my KG back in the day, and added one to the rear.  That made a world of difference and it cornered predictably and flat with only a slightly harsher ride.
But, I don’t have either stock weight now, nor stock weight distribution, and so this would be almost flying blind, unless someone else here or Speedster owners have some insight….
Speedster kits are likely the closest parallel to our TDrs…

Early FF TDr on 69 VW pan
Slowly coming back from the ashes...