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Bill Pollard


Pink MG.

If I may please ask more questions;

I have completed the installation of new shocks, front disc brakes, and removing 4 small torsion springs from each beam. My ride height did not change. One thing that may have affected it is the shocks. I know you recommended the J.C. Whitney cheap oil filled shocks. I purchased shocks for a local supplier. The brand is “Cofap” possible model “amortecdor super” oil filled shock.¬†Does this mean anything to you?

Since the ride height did not change are you still advising changing the front axle to an adjustable axle?

Next question;

The people I purchased the car from was not the original owners. They told me the car was actually built buy Daytona of Flordia. Looking at how some of it was done I can believe that then other things (such as only the lower beam cut and rewelded) I have my doubts. I know I have found other items that they said was replaced wasn’t.

Is there anyway to verify that this was a Dayton factory built car?