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  • I also have a complete set.
    I have installed mag. spoke style wheels on my car.

  • Evening,
    I have installed the adjustable front axle and disc brakes without a problem. Be sure to read “PinkMG” on the proceedure.
    However the ball joints are another situation. I installed the Brazillion made and the German made with the same results, a very still steering that isn’t getting any better even though I have put about 2000 miles on…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the information.
    I’m almost ready to post some photos of my “TOY” car.

  • Morning,
    It would appear to me the wheel brake cylinders have probably rusted and hanging the pistons inside. At the very least I would replace the flexible brake lines that go to each wheel and wheel cylinders. There is a possibility you also have a brake master cylinder that is hanging and causing pressure to hold the brake shoes against the…[Read more]

  • I have a V.W. rear bumper that I will be removing within the next few weeks from my Daytona Migi.
    I have already made me a custom front bumper (the original one on my car when I purchased was a flat aluminum panel from a stadium seat) and I have the material to make a custom rear bumper.
    You are welcomed to the V.W. rear bumper if you want it.…[Read more]

  • Bill Pollard replied to the topic adjustable front axle in the forum VW Based Kits 16 years ago

    Evening willie2,
    I’m on the same time zone as Houston I am located in north Texas between Fort Worth and Dallas. Anytime after 5:00pm “Dallas” time should be great.

  • Bill Pollard replied to the topic adjustable front axle in the forum VW Based Kits 16 years ago

    Evening willie2,
    The spindles actually are tight when you try to move them with the tie rods disconnected. That is why I was wondering if the angle of the control arms was critical.
    Here is my cell phone number but I will be occupied until Monday afternoon. 817 228 0305
    I live in Texas so I am on CDL time.
    I will try to have the car jacked up…[Read more]

  • Bill Pollard replied to the topic adjustable front axle in the forum VW Based Kits 16 years ago

    I keep fighting the stiff steering problem. I have the “German” made ball joints installed and a new steering box. With the tie rods disconnected nothing in the steering to that point is binding. The shop that pressed the ball joints in say they are indexed correctly.
    My question now is what is the relation between the upper and lower control…[Read more]

  • Evening,
    I have only driven my car about 3 blocks. Yes steering is a little tight left and right. I haven’t checked the toe in or camber adjustment.
    Before I adjusted the adjusters they were at the very bottom of the slot. Now I have the set 2 teeth up from the bottom and 7 teeth from the top. To me it appears a little high but I want to drive it…[Read more]

  • Morning Pink MG,
    I was finally able to finish putting everything back together. I still can?t say why that upper beam would not rotate with everything bolted together but as soon as I unhooked the ball joints from both spindles it rotated smoothly.
    I did have the ?German? made ball joints pressed in and it does drive better. It is still a…[Read more]

  • Evening Pink MG,
    From some comments that were made at last years ?Bug In? at the Ennis, Texas drag strip I think the allow anyone as long as it is V.W. powered.
    I have one little problem, one of the main sponsors of the club is the local parts supplier (Black Gold) that would not honor a bad part that I was sold.
    I have purchased the ma…[Read more]

  • Evening Pink MG,
    I received my ?German Manufactured? ball joints today and hopefully will start tearing the front axle back apart by Thursday.
    I used black electrical tape to hold the leaves together as I inserted them. You could see all the leaves held together when the center pinch bolt was removed. I suspect I may have the leaves not…[Read more]

  • No I didn?t. I actually think something is binding in the upper tube.
    I took the upper tube ?pinch? bolt out and it appears the torsion springs rotated toward the bottom of the tube. I was unable to reinstall the ?pinch? bolt. I was able to remove and reinstall the ?pinch? bolt in the lower tube. (This is with the car jacked up.)
    I have a…[Read more]

  • Okay,
    Thanks for the information. I was afraid I was needing to remove the control arms inorder to make it move. That was more work than I wanted to do if it wasn’t necessary.

  • Morning Pink MG,
    Yes the car was jacked up and it is supposed to be an “up” adjustable axle. When I installed everything originally the pinch bolts and adjusters plates are at the bottom of the adjusting slot/axle.
    In my mind the pinch bolt and the adjuster plates need to rotate upward toward the top of the adjusting slot/axle, is this…[Read more]

  • I consulted with two mechanics that had not worked on V.W.?s but their general experience was they had never encountered a problem grinding that lug down on any vehicle as long as no more than two thousands was removed.
    I followed there instructions and it worked out correctly.
    Mr. Bill

  • Thanks to both of you for the information.
    Before starting the work the steering was loose to say the least. The ball joints were just barely staying in their sockets. I have already ordered a new steering box to reduce the play that I find there.
    I noticed when I was installing everything back together all the ball joints seemed to be stiff.…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the info.
    I’ll study more on how to mount the mirrors.
    This windshield will also tilt forwards not that it will ever happen.
    Once I have my wheels mounted and the new bumpers I’ll post the before and after pictures.

  • I have been given a set of mirrors and had considered what you stated.
    I had also thought about making a set of tabs to insert into the frame and mount the mirrors to the tab

  • Okay, thank you for the information.

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