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Jill Hartman



I’ve inserted a picture of the accident. (Took me a Coons age to get it off of my cell phone) The fiberglass, bumper, ‘spare’ tire and bumper mounts have been repaired. As I expected, the new shiny paint makes the car look like its been in an accident. The gel coat doesn’t have near the shine. This insurance company has given my car a $5,000.00 value. Between the body repair and the damage to the 5 month old engine they are saying that they have filled their responsibility. 

It appears that the battle has only just begone!!!Angry

Thanks for the info about the upholstery sets from MG MAGIC – The cost really adds up when you say custom, and I haven’t found an upholstery shop that was very excited over the job.  I plan to investigate furthur.

Bye for now,