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Larry Murphy


 Paul, Thanks for the additional info. The velcro on the webbing is a great idea. I am using 2 belts stolen from my wife,I mean borrowed. Velcro would be much easier to work with. Yes I was able to use the side curtains for the previous top,by putting snaps on them and on the flaps on the top. I attached the top to the body using the extra flap at the rear of the top. I was able to put the screws in the same holes that the snaps were previously in but they do not show since the top covers them. It was necessary to lower the rear bow to fit at the correct position in the top and also the top was not long enough to reach the windshield without lowering the back bow.In my car,my head is under the front bow and I am only 5-8 so I enough head room. Also my top does not detach at the rear ,to lower.Enlarge the picture in my gallery,hope you can see how it fits.Thanks,Larry