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Paul Mossberg


That’s pretty cool Larry. Are you able to use the side curtains too?

George, if you are considering Larry’s approach, check carefully what the final height of the roof will be. If I lowered my roof two inches, I would no longer fit under it.

Also, you will need straps to hold the front bar at the correct angle. One for each side, they wrap around the front and rear bar. Think “seat belt webbing” for the roof. On my Duchess, one end is sewn and slides over the rear bar. The other ends wrap around the front bar and have velcro, so you can adjust the tension when the roof is up. And you can loosen it, without letting the bar fall all the way forward. This removes tension from the roof when raising or lowering it, which makes it easier to attach/detach the rear snaps.

Paul Mossberg
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