Parts availibility for 1959 MGTD

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Keith True


Is it VW,pinto,chevette powered? The one I am most familiar with is the Fiberfab MiGi II.I have three of those and have worked on a few more.Look under the hood on the passengers side,up high on the firewall.There may be some numbers embossed there.Take those numbers and call MG Magic in Hollywood Fla.(may be under Ft.Lauderdale) I gave him the numbers on my cars and he gave me the dates the cars were sold,the buyers names,and where they went to in the country.He seems to have a lot in stock for them,and he makes a very nice top.If you stand by your car with a portable phone he will tell you what to look for to help you identify exactly what you have.He is a little different to do business with,like me he takes NO credit cards.But,the day he gets your check your parts go out.