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Keith True


Unless you can find a trim shop close to you that can do it reasonably,you are going to have to buy a top and side curtain assembly.There were a lot of different tops built and side curtains are not available separately.I hear people talk about going to boat shops,but it does not work here.The LOW rate I have found here is $60.per hour.Shops here say they can spoil a whole day in patterning alone.But,it looks as if you have a good top pattern.I bought the last two from MG Magic in Fla.I paid under $600.each,and was glad I did.I have one made by a boat shop that was very well done,and very expensive.The problem is that it is humped way up in the rear,and is ugly.Click on the links page on the left to get the phone # for MG Magic.I don”t know any other source for parts.I contacted John York in Penn.and he no longer has any FibreFab stuff.Back in the day he assembled over 100 of those cars.